Freitag, 28. November 2014

New show from Adam Schock

Fresh, vibrant and brightly coloured-
That’s how the NEW show format of Adam Schock (ADS) is presented.
In order to move freely through all different varieties of beats and music- 
all of them moving and inspiring the host himself- he came pretty quickly to the conclusion to drop the mainly Techno-influenced “schocktherapy” to create room for a colorful playground of sounds.
Dub/ Triphop/ Swing/ House/ Techno/ Breaks/ Dubstep/ DnB, but also Funk and Rock are possible options that may have entire future shows dedicated to them, following the credo of “anything goes, but nothings mandatory”. Off limits and free flowing, we are looking forward to the new 

Every Friday night 11pm GMT- close.