Dienstag, 14. Oktober 2014

TKA 15 Adam Schock & Artefice - Hypnotic Lobster

Labelhead ADAM SCHOCK partners up with newcomer ARTEFICE on TKA 15 to serve some succulent dancefloor decadence with a portion of "Hypnotic Lobster". Additional tasty variations are served by Pauke Schaumburg, The Badgers and Tony deKaro.

The ORIGINAL centers around a wonky synth and a bulky bassline that packs some extra punch on the low end for a sudden impact.

TKA Newcomers PAUKE SCHAUMBURG (Yippiee, Arch 44 Music, Nachtexpress) spin the epic tale of a curious journey through Techhouseville full of twists and turns.

Label stalwart TONY DEKARO cracks the lobster morse code and translates it into a hypnotic story full of tiny little details while marching to a no-nonsense beat.

French duo THE BADGERS (Creepy Finger, Redukt, Groove Division) unleashes their signature horror movie soundtrack style to lock haunted souls into a filthy