Mittwoch, 9. September 2015

TKA 20 - Acid AJ - C mon (OUT 24.09.2015)

After making his presence felt with a strong remix on TKA 019, scottish DJ and producer Acid AJ proceeds to make his singles debut on TKA 020 with the track "C'Mon". 
Remixes are provided by Adam Schock and english standout Wax Hands(9G records).

The Original mix showcases Acid AJs approach of translating tried and tested House music formulas into contemporary sounds- based on a vocal sample and spiced up with energetic percussions, no nonsense for the dancefloor.

Adam Schock adds some dirt and bass to transport the vibe onto the Techhouse/ Minimal floor.

Wax Hands goes full on proggy and delivers an epic sunseeker, custom made for the final days of the festival season.

A big THANK YOU, as always, to "GET THAT SOUND" Mastering ( for the excellent analogue mastering job!

Donnerstag, 23. Juli 2015

The Badgers & Adam Schock - Mad People (Tanz-Kultur Audio 19) OUT SOON....

This is a massive collab between longtime label companions THE BADGERS (Creepy Finger Records, Groove Division/ Strasbourg, FRANCE) and ADAM SCHOCK. 

The "Mad People" EP contains an original track with additional remixes provided by Matt Merty (PhunkE Records/ Frankfurt, GERMANY) and Acid AJ (Shikki Mikki Records, Intercity Records/ Glasgow, SCOTLAND).

The Original version combines The Badgers' signature spooky atmosphere with a powerful arrangement, designed to send dancefloors into a frenzy with an infectious church organ hook and straightforward pressure on the low end. 

Matt Merty adds a few subtle layers and keeps the suspension on a high level throughout for a shoulder swinging Techhouse workout.

Acid AJ stays true to his artist name and delivers in spades with an oldschool house stomper full of catchy grooves and eponymous acid lines.

The Badgers -
Adam Schock -
Matt Merty -
Acid AJ - 

We would also like to send an extra THANK YOU and to express our gratitude to the following entities-

JULIUS KLEMM ( Lichtbringer Offenbach, ) for the amazing custom cover design; 
"GET THAT SOUND" Mastering ( ) for the excellent analogue mastering job!

Sonntag, 10. Mai 2015

Li Herculon - Two Hours Later (Tanz-Kultur Audio 18) OUT SOON....

Li Herculon - Two Hours Later

TKA 18 comes from a worldwide renowned artist (a former part of the Japanese Popstars, solo artist on labels such as 9G, VoxNox and GND, excellent live act and radio host) who explores another facet of his creativity under a new alias- and we are absolutely STOKED to have him releasing his first original track under the new name with us. Lets get ready for some Techno- welcome, SIRKUS SIRKUZ aka Li Herculon
Mesmerizing reinterpretations come from label stalwarts Adam Schock and Torlef Parker plus an absolutely fierce remix by up-and-coming german Dark Techno producer Marvin Erbe(Kreisssaal Techno, Construct Rhythm).

Check out your favourite version below!

Samstag, 28. März 2015

Simon Ey - Mano Mano Ep (Tanz-Kultur Audio 17) OUT SOON......

The "new talent initiative" continues on TKA
as we welcome another homegrown talent to the fold- 
introducing Simon Ey (RDS Crew, Familie Autonomica) with two outstanding original tracks. Additional remixes are provided by longtime companion BelaBang (RDS Crew, Symbiont Music) and Adam Schock.

Simons "Mano Mano" EP is the latest in a string of Deephouse-related releases on TKA and sets an emphatic exclamation point with various key aspects 
of his sound on display- dominant baselines, 
grinding grooves and pulsating rhythms, basically guaranteed 
to cause euphoric "hands in the air" moments at any given time. 
The remixers underline that approach in their own individual way 
and complete a tasty package- 
while Adam Schock is daydreaming on a route full of sparkly synths, BelaBang adds some dirt and is relentlessly chasing the night.

Montag, 15. Dezember 2014

DOEPP - Solitude (Tanz-Kultur Audio 16) OUT SOON......

TKA welcomes local producer DOEPP to the label family with this two-tracker, showcasing his signature contemporary Deephouse style and providing an outlook for forthcoming tracks and remixes.
Both tracks “Bowls” and “Solitude” center around an atmospheric arrangement dusted with sparkling synths and subtle percussions that open up a huge space for the listener to get lost into.
“Solitude” also features a sublime string section that elevates the tune to another level and further accentuates its beauty.

We would also like to send a shoutout and thanks for the excellent mastering to our partners at

Freitag, 28. November 2014

New show from Adam Schock

Fresh, vibrant and brightly coloured-
That’s how the NEW show format of Adam Schock (ADS) is presented.
In order to move freely through all different varieties of beats and music- 
all of them moving and inspiring the host himself- he came pretty quickly to the conclusion to drop the mainly Techno-influenced “schocktherapy” to create room for a colorful playground of sounds.
Dub/ Triphop/ Swing/ House/ Techno/ Breaks/ Dubstep/ DnB, but also Funk and Rock are possible options that may have entire future shows dedicated to them, following the credo of “anything goes, but nothings mandatory”. Off limits and free flowing, we are looking forward to the new 

Every Friday night 11pm GMT- close.

Montag, 10. November 2014