Donnerstag, 23. Juli 2015

The Badgers & Adam Schock - Mad People (Tanz-Kultur Audio 19) OUT SOON....

This is a massive collab between longtime label companions THE BADGERS (Creepy Finger Records, Groove Division/ Strasbourg, FRANCE) and ADAM SCHOCK. 

The "Mad People" EP contains an original track with additional remixes provided by Matt Merty (PhunkE Records/ Frankfurt, GERMANY) and Acid AJ (Shikki Mikki Records, Intercity Records/ Glasgow, SCOTLAND).

The Original version combines The Badgers' signature spooky atmosphere with a powerful arrangement, designed to send dancefloors into a frenzy with an infectious church organ hook and straightforward pressure on the low end. 

Matt Merty adds a few subtle layers and keeps the suspension on a high level throughout for a shoulder swinging Techhouse workout.

Acid AJ stays true to his artist name and delivers in spades with an oldschool house stomper full of catchy grooves and eponymous acid lines.

The Badgers -
Adam Schock -
Matt Merty -
Acid AJ - 

We would also like to send an extra THANK YOU and to express our gratitude to the following entities-

JULIUS KLEMM ( Lichtbringer Offenbach, ) for the amazing custom cover design; 
"GET THAT SOUND" Mastering ( ) for the excellent analogue mastering job!