Sonntag, 10. Mai 2015

Li Herculon - Two Hours Later (Tanz-Kultur Audio 18) OUT SOON....

Li Herculon - Two Hours Later

TKA 18 comes from a worldwide renowned artist (a former part of the Japanese Popstars, solo artist on labels such as 9G, VoxNox and GND, excellent live act and radio host) who explores another facet of his creativity under a new alias- and we are absolutely STOKED to have him releasing his first original track under the new name with us. Lets get ready for some Techno- welcome, SIRKUS SIRKUZ aka Li Herculon
Mesmerizing reinterpretations come from label stalwarts Adam Schock and Torlef Parker plus an absolutely fierce remix by up-and-coming german Dark Techno producer Marvin Erbe(Kreisssaal Techno, Construct Rhythm).

Check out your favourite version below!